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 Relax in Sri Lankan tea

  Sri Lanka is located at 6-10 degrees north latitude and has a tropical climate with an average annual temperature of 27-28 ° C in lowlands and 22 ° C in highlands such as Nuwara Eliya. And the monsoon blows twice a year.May-September The southwest monsoon hits the Central Mountain Range, with the rainy season in the southwest and the dry season in the north to northeast on the other side. Therefore, Uva in the dry season can produce good quality black tea. From November to March, the northeast monsoon collides with the Central Mountain Range, and the rainy season is centered on the northeast until January, and the southwest on the opposite side is the dry season. At this time of year, you can get delicious black tea in Dimbula. Why do you get good tea in the dry season? Tea fields on well-drained slopes, dry and drooping tea leaves, and stress. It is said that tea trees send life-saving extracts to tea leaves to keep them alive, which accumulates in the leaves and leads to delicious black tea.